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Born in Harare, Zimbabwe (1998), Takudzwa has lived in the UK from early childhood and is an artist based in Birmingham and the West Midlands.


Takudzwa utilises various processes and media such as video, stitch, print, paint and charcoal in her practice, in order to facilitate a constant dynamic of dismantling and a reconstruction of material and form which ultimately creates a space where meaning can be discovered. From the deconstruction of the figure through mark making, creating forms disjoined and unsettled against the mono­chromatic, still yet fleeting presence of the print, to the construction of a physical object that has a material presence and density.


Interwoven within Takudzwa's works are a reflection of personal histories, experiences and cultural identity in relation to her relationship with the country she has resided in for a large portion of her life. At the centre of this an ongoing interrogation of black femininity and how it's seen, defined and validated within white spaces. It’s within these spaces that violence often manifests itself as a key element in displacing black people and what identity means for them.


Subsequently, Takudzwa incorporates an ethics of care within her practice as she focuses on healing. Taking time for care can be celebrating and embracing a collective identity in order to redefine one's presence within different spaces. By extension, unlearning and understanding the extended effects of European gender paradigms that are imposed onto black women. Invalidating and erasing our own identities through the inflated value of the ideal.

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